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Omlette, sandwich and coffee or tea 5,5 EUR

Porridge, sandwich and coffee or tea 4,5 EUR

Pancakes with jam, coffee or tea 5,5 EUR


Pickles with honey and sour creamc2 EUR

Garlic bread 1,5 EUR

Cheeseplate with fresh fuits 6/10 EUR

Appetizer mix (pickles, cheese and garlic bread) 5 EUR

Toast with salted trout 4 pcs 2,5 EUR

Something light

Potato salad 2,5 EUR

Fresh salad  1,5 EUR

Caezar salad 5,5 EUR


Home-made Ukranian borš with meat 4,5 EUR

Classic Seljanka (thick Russian meat soup) 4,5 EUR

Tasty seafood soup 4,5 EUR

Vegetable soups

Healthy Ukranian borš 2,5 EUR

Delicious veggiesoup 2,5 EUR

Strong meals

Grilled meat/shashlik or grilled fish (steak) with extras (baked potato/rice) 6,5 EUR

Chicken leg with delicious creamy mushroom sauce and extras 7,5 EUR

Baked trout fillet with delicious creamy mushroom sauce and extras 8,5 EUR

Home-made dumplings with sour cream 2/3 EUR

Hinkali (big dumplings) 3,5/4,5 EUR

Kids choice – grilled sausages with extras 3,5 EUR

Home-made cutlets with extras 4,5 EUR

Healthy meals without meat

Cheeseschnitzel with extras 4 EUR

Paprika with rice and veggie filling (from 01.06.2013) 5 EUR

Cabbagerolls 4 EUR

Something sweet

Apple pie 1,25 EUR

Ice cream 2 EUR

Ice cream with berries 4,5 EUR

Hot drinks

Black tea 1 cup 1 EUR

Hot herb tea 1 cup 1,5 EUR

Hot herb tea in a pot (3+ cups) 2,5 EUR

Coffee 1 cup 1 EUR

Eco-coffee 1 pot (3 big cups) 3,5 EUR

Soft drinks

Juice 1 glass 1 EUR

Juice 1 liter 4 EUR

Ice water with cranberries, cucumber or lemon 1 liter 1EUR

Mineralwater 0,5l 1,2EUR

Kelluke (Estonian lemonade) 0,5l 1,6 EUR

Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite 0,5l 1,6 EUR


Saku beer 0,5l 2EUR

Gin Long Drink 0,5l 2EUR




Sauna and recreation
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